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The Professional Practice of Architectural Working Drawings

The Professional Practice

of Architectural

Working Drawings


Osamu A. Wakita, Hon. A.I.A.

Professor of Architecture, Los Angeles Harbor College

Richard M. Linde, A.I.A. Architect

Richard M. Linde & Associates, Inc.


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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data

Wakita, Osamu A.

The professional practice of architectural working

drawings / Osamu A. Wakita, Richard M. Linde.—3rd ed.

p. cm.

ISBN 0-471-39540-4 (alk. paper)

1. Architecture—Designs and plans—Working

drawings. I. Linde, Richard M. II. Title.

NA2713 .W34 2002


Printed in the United States of America.

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Preface vii


Chapter 1 The Office 3

Chapter 2 Basic Drafting Requirements, Standards, and Techniques 23

Chapter 3 Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) 67

Chapter 4 Environmental and Human Considerations 105

Chapter 5 Construction Methods and Materials 135

Chapter 6 Initial Preparation Phase for Construction Documents 163

Chapter 7 Game Plan for Materials Selected 207


Chapter 8 Site and Grading Plan 227

Chapter 9 Foundation Plan 259

Chapter 10 Floor Plan 291

Chapter 11 Schedules: Door, Window, and Finish 323

Chapter 12 Building Sections 337

Chapter 13 Exterior Elevations 357

Chapter 14 Roof Plan and Framing Systems 385

Chapter 15 Interior Elevations 419


Chapter 17 Conceptual Design and Construction Documents for a

Conventional Wood Residence 483

Chapter 18 Conceptual Design and Construction Documents for a

Wood Building—Beach House 545

Chapter 19 Conceptual Design and Construction Documents for a

Steel and Masonry Building—Theatre 591

Chapter 20 Madison Steel Building 645

Chapter 21 Tenant Improvements 687

Index 723


Appendix A A Survey of Regional Differences Web Site

Appendix B Fraction to Metric Conversions, Feet to Meter Conversions,

Concrete Block Dimensional Chart, and Brick Dimensional

Chart Web Site

Appendix C A Uniform System for Architectural Working

Drawing Abbreviations Web Site

Chapter 16 Architectural Details and Vertical Links (Stairs/Elevators) 437


.284—dc21 2002003719

This book is dedicated to the students of

architecture and to our families.


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